Halloween in july

Just like there is christmas in july, well apparently the stores are pushing halloween decor also during this month. Yay! I went into a home sense and saw skeleton, soaps, and stuffed gnomes dressed for halloween. Wish I took a pic for this post but I did’nt. But what’s best about halloween is horror films, scary, candy, costumes,haunted hayrides,etc. So who else is excited? Also what is your favorite part about halloween? Here is what’s mine:

1.carving pumpkins

2. Hayrides ( only scary ones of coarse)

3. Trick or treats

4. Haunted houses

5. Horror movies

6. Fall

7. Nice weather

8. Leaves changing colors

Can’t wait till oct.31st 2019!

What is it we fear?

Your heart starts beating until you can dance to it. Your blood is rushing around inside your body. Your eyes start to bulge out of your head a bit. Perhaps even some of you laugh from the rush that you get. These are some of the things that may happen to you while watching a horror film and we all seem to not get enough of it. But what are some of the fears that keep us awake at night?well how about the evil with in our selves. Serial killers. Some of the most infamous ones in horror films are jason voorhees, michael myers, and freddy krueger. The idea that someone or even yourself perhaps, can live a good and moral life and be one of the nicest people but one day you just snap and become a monster with no respect for human life. Or how about zombies and vampires? Think about this. If one day you woke up and there was a disease outbreak where if someone who was infected, came in contact with you, would turn you into an undead monster that needed blood or human flesh to survive. These are two examples of some thing we fear. Other fears may include arachnophobia, fear of heights, fear of the unknown, etc. One thing is clear with horror films in my humble opinion; no matter what we are afraid of we all experience our fears together for a couple hours while watching horror films together as an audience.

Attention fans of Halloween films

According to a post shared at bloodydisgusting.com on friday july 19th, it seems michael myers will continue his reign of terror on screen in 2020 and 2021. In 2020 halloween kills will be released and in 2021 halloween ends will follow in ending the saga. We shall all see if these films will be a hit or flops. I know I will be checking both of them out.

“Good evening. I am Dracula.”

Evil. Seductive. Sexy. All embodied within one vampire. Count Dracula. First introduced by Bram stoker in his novel and first portrayed by Bela Lugosi in the 1930 dracula film. Many are familar with dracula but for those who aren’t he was one of the first to make the vampire attractive to audiences. He could hypotize with just one look. Take on the form of a bat or a wolf. Drinks blood straight from the jugular. And can fly. Can be killed by stake through the heart. Here is a short list of some films that star dracula:

1. Dracula (1930 )

2. Dracula (1958)

3.Dracula and son (1979)

4.Bram stoker’s dracula (1992)

5. Van helsing (2004)

6. Blade trinity (2004)

7. Dracula 2000 (2000)

8. Dracula untold ( 2014)

Midsommar: Film review ( spoilers)

Released on July 3,2019. Directed by Ari Aster. Starring Florence Pugh, Jack Reynor, and Henrik Norlen.

The film opens with Dani’s ( Florence Pugh) sister comitting suicide along with killing her parents as well by her method of suicide. Pugh’s performance of a panicking and heart broken Dani are highly believeable as she lets out an emotinally, charged scream upon finding out this news. During her break down her boyfriend, Christian (Jack Reynor), tries to comfort her. I thought this opening was great as it sets up the story nicely and hooks you into the film. However after the film progressed from there things got terrible and did not get better.

Dani, Jack, and three of Jack’s friends get invited to go to sweden to see the festivals of a village that appears to be in the middle of nowhere from all the trees and open fields that make up the setting. The group get offered some mushrooms that give them a trip similar to being high on marijuana. This scene is one example of how the film is boring and drawn out. The only excitement is Dani, christian and friends staring up at the sky and Dani imagining her feet turning into grass and becoming one with the earth. Yeah, not much to see there.

Another example is when all the villagers are all standing around this long table with food on it and Dani, christian and his friends all join them. The villagers remain standing and staring at there food for what felt like 10 minutins of the film. such a waste.

Then two elder villagers join the rest of them, murmur some words in swedish and then everyone sits and eats. Really did not add anything to the plot of the film or the pacing of it.

Towards the middle of the film Dani, christian and friends witness one horror in which the two elders commit suicide cause apparently no one can live after the age of 72 in this village. Eventually they find out that the villagers are actually a cult and are using them as sacrifices.

I thought there was going to be scenes of more blood and gore. But other then the elders dying ( suicide as I mentioned previously) that was about as bloody as the film gets. This cult has nothing that connects to the opening scene of Dani’s sister’s suicide/ parents being murdered. Also Dani has frequent panic attacks throughout the film but the cult does not have anything to do with either. Not scary at all. Just weird.

To sum everything up this film was strange, boring, slow, and the story was poorly written in my humble opinion. This is my first and probably last Ari Aster (director)film. Rating is 1 out of 5 stars. 1 being the worst. 5 being the best. would be zero if that was a rating but its not so have to give 1.

1890s horror history part 2

Hey all. Here is part 2 of the history of horror 1890s. If you have not read part 1 feel free to check that out too. Now where did I leave off? Ah, yes. George Melies’s House of the devil and his other films were made with trick photography, double exposure, and early special effects. Although it looks very dated from this generation’s perspective, back then it was new and fresh. Melies was not the only director to leave his mark on the genre.

An english director by the name of George Albert Smith whose films pioneered film editing and close-ups also contributed to horror. In 1897 he directed the x-rays which was about two skeletons going out with each other. Although this film was more horror mixed with comedy. His one other film was called photographing a ghost released in 1898 following photographers failing attempt at capturing a picture of a ghost.

In 1898 and 1899 George melies made more horror films as well. The astronomer’s dream (1898) and the devil in a convent (1899) to name a couple. Director’s Edwin s. porter and walter R. Booth added their films to horror in. The cavalier’s dream (1898 Porter) and the Miser’s Doom ( 1899 Booth) That about sums up the early years of horror in its beginnings. Hope you all enjoyed. Please come back to read more.

The birth of Horror: History of horror films 1890s

Do Not own photo! House of the devil 1896

Horror is a genre that has been around for centuries. But when did it exactly begin? Back in 1890s horror had a few silent short films. The french director, by the name of George melies ( mel-lee-eh ), made what is considered to be the first horror film ever created called, house of the devil or the haunted castle released in 1896. The film opened up with a bat flying across a room in a castle followed by a skeleton and the devil. The film was only 3 minutes long. Other films that melies made in this year was the the vanishing lady (1896). The plot for this film was a magician and his assistant. He had her sit in a chair and covered her with a blanket. He removes the blanket and she is gone. Then he waves his hands and summons a skeleton. He places the blanket on the skeleton next, and the assistant reappears. Do you want to know more? Please come back and read my next post when I continue the history of horror 1890s continues. Also if you want to ask questions or have suggestions fee free to comment and subscribe to be updated about my blog. Thanks for reading (-: Sources: nofspodcast.com indigenes-lefilm.com and wikipedia.org