The birth of Horror: History of horror films 1890s

Do Not own photo! House of the devil 1896

Horror is a genre that has been around for centuries. But when did it exactly begin? Back in 1890s horror had a few silent short films. The french director, by the name of George melies ( mel-lee-eh ), made what is considered to be the first horror film ever created called, house of the devil or the haunted castle released in 1896. The film opened up with a bat flying across a room in a castle followed by a skeleton and the devil. The film was only 3 minutes long. Other films that melies made in this year was the the vanishing lady (1896). The plot for this film was a magician and his assistant. He had her sit in a chair and covered her with a blanket. He removes the blanket and she is gone. Then he waves his hands and summons a skeleton. He places the blanket on the skeleton next, and the assistant reappears. Do you want to know more? Please come back and read my next post when I continue the history of horror 1890s continues. Also if you want to ask questions or have suggestions fee free to comment and subscribe to be updated about my blog. Thanks for reading (-: Sources: and

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