1890s horror history part 2

Hey all. Here is part 2 of the history of horror 1890s. If you have not read part 1 feel free to check that out too. Now where did I leave off? Ah, yes. George Melies’s House of the devil and his other films were made with trick photography, double exposure, and early special effects. Although it looks very dated from this generation’s perspective, back then it was new and fresh. Melies was not the only director to leave his mark on the genre.

An english director by the name of George Albert Smith whose films pioneered film editing and close-ups also contributed to horror. In 1897 he directed the x-rays which was about two skeletons going out with each other. Although this film was more horror mixed with comedy. His one other film was called photographing a ghost released in 1898 following photographers failing attempt at capturing a picture of a ghost.

In 1898 and 1899 George melies made more horror films as well. The astronomer’s dream (1898) and the devil in a convent (1899) to name a couple. Director’s Edwin s. porter and walter R. Booth added their films to horror in. The cavalier’s dream (1898 Porter) and the Miser’s Doom ( 1899 Booth) That about sums up the early years of horror in its beginnings. Hope you all enjoyed. Please come back to read more.

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