Midsommar: Film review ( spoilers)

Released on July 3,2019. Directed by Ari Aster. Starring Florence Pugh, Jack Reynor, and Henrik Norlen.

The film opens with Dani’s ( Florence Pugh) sister comitting suicide along with killing her parents as well by her method of suicide. Pugh’s performance of a panicking and heart broken Dani are highly believeable as she lets out an emotinally, charged scream upon finding out this news. During her break down her boyfriend, Christian (Jack Reynor), tries to comfort her. I thought this opening was great as it sets up the story nicely and hooks you into the film. However after the film progressed from there things got terrible and did not get better.

Dani, Jack, and three of Jack’s friends get invited to go to sweden to see the festivals of a village that appears to be in the middle of nowhere from all the trees and open fields that make up the setting. The group get offered some mushrooms that give them a trip similar to being high on marijuana. This scene is one example of how the film is boring and drawn out. The only excitement is Dani, christian and friends staring up at the sky and Dani imagining her feet turning into grass and becoming one with the earth. Yeah, not much to see there.

Another example is when all the villagers are all standing around this long table with food on it and Dani, christian and his friends all join them. The villagers remain standing and staring at there food for what felt like 10 minutins of the film. such a waste.

Then two elder villagers join the rest of them, murmur some words in swedish and then everyone sits and eats. Really did not add anything to the plot of the film or the pacing of it.

Towards the middle of the film Dani, christian and friends witness one horror in which the two elders commit suicide cause apparently no one can live after the age of 72 in this village. Eventually they find out that the villagers are actually a cult and are using them as sacrifices.

I thought there was going to be scenes of more blood and gore. But other then the elders dying ( suicide as I mentioned previously) that was about as bloody as the film gets. This cult has nothing that connects to the opening scene of Dani’s sister’s suicide/ parents being murdered. Also Dani has frequent panic attacks throughout the film but the cult does not have anything to do with either. Not scary at all. Just weird.

To sum everything up this film was strange, boring, slow, and the story was poorly written in my humble opinion. This is my first and probably last Ari Aster (director)film. Rating is 1 out of 5 stars. 1 being the worst. 5 being the best. would be zero if that was a rating but its not so have to give 1.

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