“Good evening. I am Dracula.”

Evil. Seductive. Sexy. All embodied within one vampire. Count Dracula. First introduced by Bram stoker in his novel and first portrayed by Bela Lugosi in the 1930 dracula film. Many are familar with dracula but for those who aren’t he was one of the first to make the vampire attractive to audiences. He could hypotize with just one look. Take on the form of a bat or a wolf. Drinks blood straight from the jugular. And can fly. Can be killed by stake through the heart. Here is a short list of some films that star dracula:

1. Dracula (1930 )

2. Dracula (1958)

3.Dracula and son (1979)

4.Bram stoker’s dracula (1992)

5. Van helsing (2004)

6. Blade trinity (2004)

7. Dracula 2000 (2000)

8. Dracula untold ( 2014)

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