What is it we fear?

Your heart starts beating until you can dance to it. Your blood is rushing around inside your body. Your eyes start to bulge out of your head a bit. Perhaps even some of you laugh from the rush that you get. These are some of the things that may happen to you while watching a horror film and we all seem to not get enough of it. But what are some of the fears that keep us awake at night?well how about the evil with in our selves. Serial killers. Some of the most infamous ones in horror films are jason voorhees, michael myers, and freddy krueger. The idea that someone or even yourself perhaps, can live a good and moral life and be one of the nicest people but one day you just snap and become a monster with no respect for human life. Or how about zombies and vampires? Think about this. If one day you woke up and there was a disease outbreak where if someone who was infected, came in contact with you, would turn you into an undead monster that needed blood or human flesh to survive. These are two examples of some thing we fear. Other fears may include arachnophobia, fear of heights, fear of the unknown, etc. One thing is clear with horror films in my humble opinion; no matter what we are afraid of we all experience our fears together for a couple hours while watching horror films together as an audience.

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